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Attribution of Success & Failure Inventory-Teachers (Asufa-T)

ASUFA (Attribution of Success and Failure) Inventory containing 32 pairs of factors contributing to success or failure of a person generates the profile of respondent on internality and optimism. It is based on Rotter's concept of locus of control, Weiner's theory of attribution and Seligman's findings of optimism.

The software-generated report covers:

  • Profile on the following aspects:

      1. Self-directedness
      2. Group-directedness
      3. Conformity
      4. Fatalism
      5. Optimism
      6. Pessimism
      7. Self-Confidence
      8. Hope

  • Suggestions to raise the level of attributional effectiveness by

      - Increasing Self-directedness, Optimism, Self-confidence and Hope
      - Reducing Fatalism and Pessimism
      - Achieving balance in Group-directedness and Pessimism

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